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You can achieve your company’s Vision and Mission for releasing your  Highest Unlimited Potential as an important part of our world as a whole.  

The most important aspect of Open Heart Marketing is understanding the relationship between you and your team.  Learning how to share a common vision and experience of Unconditional Awareness within your company, that can be shared with the world as a whole.

The foundation of creating your companies Unlimited Potential  and how to apply it for the efficiency of your team in your specific market is understanding this common vision and experience in all human beings.

This Initial Training for Open Heart Marketing® gives you and your team the opportunity to physically reconnect with with this Unlimited Potential that naturally exist in the experience of being human.  This is provided through educational classes, workshops, experiential training, and small group excursions, using the power of Unconditional Love®, Applied Meditation Therapy®, Whole Body Way, Marketing specialists and all that is Hawaii.

Below is the itinerary for achieving your companies common vision and mission

Day Adventures:

Your adventure begins when you step foot into a Pinzgauer.  A six wheel drive Swiss Army vehicle. You drive down the street for about 10 minutes, then get off the road. Your Guide will throw the Pinzgauer into Six Wheel Drive and you will head up along the North Kohala mountainside for a 30 minute off-road safari. Look carefully, you will probably see wild pigs and wild cows.

Once you are on the course you will hike for about 3 minutes to your first zipline. This is our Keiki (child) line designed to get your “feet wet”; all the rest get longer and higher. After the second Zipline you will cross a hand carved bridge that sits on top of the beautiful waterfall that you are about to zip across.

Three more ziplines will take you to a “Mac Nut Hut”, a cantilevered pavilion that overlooks a 32' waterfall. Here you will sit back and talk story while cracking fresh macadamia nuts and eating locally made baked goods and organic fruits.

Next you look down upon a beautiful stream full of dancing eddies from a suspension bridge. The last two Ziplines are certain to take your breath away with views of A waterfall, Kohala Lighthouse, and Maui.

You will end the tour with another off-road safari down the mountainside.

The one thing that keeps Unlimited Potential separate and hidden is the misunderstanding of your bodies experience to fear.  This day adventure focuses on your ability to accept the sensation of fear, not from the limitations of your conditioned thinking mind and reactive behaviors, but rather to embrace the fear Naturally from an Unconditioned side of yourself that is your Unlimited Potential.

Safari Zipline Adventure:

Wapio Valley Adventure

On horse back an experienced guide takes you on a journey through a lush tropical paradise of jungle trails, fresh water streams, taro fields, magnificent waterfalls and incredible vistas. Only in Waipi'o Valley is there such a variety of historical and spiritual places to discover, experience and appreciate.

For a sense of how Hawaii used to be and an adventure not easily forgotten, Waipi'o Valley, an enchanting place that means "land of curving water". From the valley lookout the land drops sharply for nearly a thousand feet. Below is an emerald landscape as fresh and verdant as Eden. A broading sense of Waipi'o's rich historic past emanates from the valley, which is still, except for the pounding of steep waves on the black sand beach and the timeless motion of farmers tending their taro patches.

In ancient times taro cultivation and fishing were the traditional lifestyle of the people who settled here and prospered into a complex and powerful kingdom. Waipi'o is known as the “Valley of the Kings” because so many important rulers came into power here.  Waipi'o contained five major heiaus or temples of the highest class including Pakalana, or place of refuge built in the 12th century. The spirits of the past are still felt here today. Powerful are the forces of nature in Waipi'o. Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Hawaii grace its cliffs, like the 2,000 ft double falls Hi'ilawe, and Nanewe.

Consciously reconnecting with an unconditional sensation in all human beings is essential for unlocking an Unlimited Potential that is a part of your naturally existing Unconscious.   Waipio Valley, with all its wonders, provides a great opportunity to travel not only back in time, but into the depth of your unconscious, creating the right set of circumstances to consciously and physically achieve a solid reconnection with this sensation inside of yourself.

Waterfall Adventure:

One of the best experiences for creating an intimate relationship with your limitations, is a waterfall hike.  Waterfalls create an opportunity to experience a washing away of limitations, leaving room for Unlimited Potential.  This adventure is a chance to have an intimate relationship with physically accepting that which is limiting you.  By accepting a limitation your body will naturally release it.  This is because the misunderstanding or fear around the limitation is holding the limitation in your body.  Physically accepting the fear around the limitation helps to dissolve it, allowing it to be washed away.  

Immerse yourself in Kohala's stunning beauty and rich history. On a fun off-road adventure and relaxed trail walk, experience dramatic views of Pololu Valley, charming foot bridges, historic taro terraces and intimate waterfalls. With an opportunity to swim at a waterfall.

The adventure begins with a wonderful drive where you will pass through the quaint plantation towns of Hawi and Kapaau, site of the life-size statue of King Kamehameha I. At the end of the road a brief rest stop at the historic Kohala Mule Station offers one of Hawaii's most spectacular coastal views. Then the real fun begins, with a bumpy but short off-road drive in our 6WD Pinzgauer on an old cane road over private ranchland to our trailhead.

Out of the Pinzgauer, you'll step back into the early 1900's, when plantation owners began construction of the Kohala Ditch Trail to bring much needed water to the sugar cane fields. Along the 1.5 mile loop trail you'll see tunnels blasted and carved from solid rock, walk over an aqueduct on two bridges, and learn the story of the tremendous effort it took to build an irrigation system stretching over 22 miles. You'll delve into ancient Hawaiian history as well, visiting a former taro farming site just off the path. Seven beautiful waterfalls grace the trail. You can take a refreshing dip in the last pool we visit, and play under a refreshing cascade. With stunning mountain panoramas, green valleys and pasturelands, and of course the abundant water, the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure is a fascinating way for young and old to experience Kohala's "story of water."

Dolphin Adventure:

Experience the magic of swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat.

This rare opportunity to swim with the wild and free Hawaiian spinner dolphins can be a life-changing one.

This is one of the rare places of the world where we have the unique combination of calm, turquoise and warm waters and where we can enjoy the interaction with the dolphins almost every day - year round!

On the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, we are graced with the presence of over 800 Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, smaller pods of Spotted Dolphins, and Bottle nose, in addition to all-year round Pilot Whales, seasonal Humpback whales, Manta Rays, Turtles and others.

The Hawaiian Spinners Dolphins are the most regular visitors to the shores along the Kona coast. Almost daily, they come into shore to rest, play & interact with their human friends. Nearly everyone, of all ages and snork-ability, can swim with the dolphins.

One second of looking into the eye of a dolphin can change your life forever!

Dolphin’s have an Unconditioned Wisdom that can be felt in their presence.  They have touched the souls of many and left them in awe.  This Adventure is an opportunity to gain greater insight into the interconnectedness between yourself and all that is.  The dolphin’s provide a great atmosphere for sharing and gaining the beauty and simplicity of life.  This experience helps to reconnect you to your ability to connect with your self and others

Your Hosts:

Sunday Evening

Eric Bonnici


Eric Bonnici is a husband, father, public speaker, workshop leader, entrepreneur, Applied Meditation Counselor and Trainer, certified Qi Gong instructor, and originator/consultant for Open Heart Marketing® . He is the founder of Living Unconditionally®, a non-profit educational organization, the founder of Holistic Human® LLC and co-founder of Jushin Dojo. 

Eric also is an owner of 4 Total E LLC a marketing, consulting, and publishing company.  He has authored the book "Unconditional Love®: Understanding the Psychology and Embodied daily Life Practice of Unconditional Love®" and “I AM LOVE” ebook, as well as "Awakening Soul: 10 ways to free the spirit" a 12 disc audio/video series and Online Course.

Monday Evening



ANDREW SHUGYO DAIJO BONNICI is a Humanistic Psychologist, a counselor in Applied Meditation Therapy®, a Buddhist Priest, a Soto Zen meditation master, and a mentor of Faith Body. He is also an internationally published author and teacher, a Japanese brushwork calligrapher, a webmaster, a Zen gardener, and a Zen Temple home maker.

Dr. Bonnici has memberships in the American Psychological Association, the International Association for Humanistic Psychology, and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. He received his Bachelors and Master's degrees from San Francisco State University. In 1978, he received his Doctoral Degree in Humanistic Psychology from the Saybrook Psychology Institute for Graduate Study & Applied Research in San Francisco.

In his worldwide telecounseling practice, he educates, trains and counsels individuals and couples in the embodiment skills, behavioral techniques, and mindfulness principles of Applied Meditation Therapy® (AMT). AMT is an "Integrative Somatic Therapy" that promotes optimum wellness, longevity, stress reduction, personal growth, loving relationships, spiritual fulfillment, enhanced sports performance, peak states of human embodiment, competitive integrity, and visionary leadership.

Dr. Bonnici is also the founder and president of the AMP Institute.  www.AMPinstitute.org

Tuesday Evening session

Wednesday Evening

Thursday Evening

Final Gathering and Honoring of the week

For more information or questions contact:

Eric Bonnici: eric@HolisticHuman.com



Tony Bonnici is a husband, father, entrepreneur, athlete, bodymind coach, and peak performance trainer. He has owned and created multiple businesses in both California and Hawaii.

Tony is a certified Applied Meditation Therapy ® Counselor (AMTC) trainer and practitioner.  He has taught workshops and trained individuals and couples in the practice of meditation for personal growth, peak performance, and life enhancement.  Tony is also a camp facilitator for the Man Kind Project’s “Warrior Weekend”.

Tony has trained and practiced in Judo, Akido, Kempo Karate and other Martial Arts.  He is a Black Belt in Judo and has had a California Dojo Gotaido for 15 years and is the co-founder of Jushin Dojo in Hawaii.

He created and continues to evolve a method of bodymind training and practice that he calls Gotaido or "Whole Body Way". He has trained and has competed in triathlons, adventure races, soccer, baseball, golf, mountain bike races, weight training, running, swimming and wake boarding. Tony has trained people in these sports and other competitive events to reach their highest potential of performance. He has also worked with Police Officers and Sheriffs in increasing their ability to defend themselves.

Discover unconditional sensation and equality for understanding all members of a team to create efficient productivity, clear communication, and compassionate leadership

Develop a team practice to maintain unity, productivity, clear communication, and compassionate leadership

Develop an authentic unified mission of the core values that are most important to you and your team.

Create an outline of your Open Heart Marketing® public campaign that will launch your unlimited potential to your targeted market.

Hosted by Eric Bonnici and guest marketing specialists

Thank you for your interest in Open Heart Marketing®.  I look forward to talking with you.

With Aloha

Eric Bonnici

Unconditional Love®