To understand one’s self as LOVE, we need to look at the deepest root of love and understand the part it plays in one’s life experience. The deepest root of love is unconditional love. Most of us can say we have heard of the term “unconditional love” before, and would probably say it means “to love someone or something without conditions,” or “to love someone no matter what.” Someone might think it means something else entirely. As individuals, we each might think we know what unconditional love is, but in fact there is much more to it.


I remember having some great philosophical conversations with my father beginning when I was as young as seven. I would ask “Why?” about almost every topic: from “Why is the sky blue?” to “Why are we humans the way we are?”  We would discuss my questions over and over until each one of us ended up at an understanding that was not of our conditional existence. If the topic was about nature or our universe, I found that each answer I came to led to yet another question that would keep me asking until the answers led me all the way back to before there was a conditional universe. If the topic was about something material, something created by humans, I came to see that still, the idea itself was initiated from a place inside a human, or humans, that was not of conditions. I started to recognize something powerful. I began to see an unconditional existence, or a place not of conditions, in every experience, even seemingly “negative” ones. I began to accept that everything came from this place. I now refer to this “place” as Unconditional Love.


Over millennia, many spiritual masters and teachers have described this “place” or “enlightened” feeling in many ways such as “being in the present moment,” or “feeling connected” or “at one with our Source.” It is very humbling and near impossible to describe something so powerful. In fact, people do not often understand written descriptions of this feeling until they have experienced it themselves. Whatever names this feeling has been given, or how it has been described, emphasizes the immense power and great love that comes from living moment to moment.


An awakening came for me when I realized I could help people understand this connection, this present moment as Unconditional Love. For me, calling it that made sense. The word “unconditional” means complete or total. “Love” can be described as acceptance. “Unconditional Love” equals complete or total acceptance as an experience of being in the moment. While allowing myself the space in which to understand how I could see Unconditional Love in everything, I realized that it wasn’t what I was seeing that allowed me to experience Unconditional Love, it was how I was experiencing what I was seeing as a physical sensation. I experienced this sensation while talking with people, visiting a bustling city, reading a book, spending time in nature, or viewing things around me. It had nothing to do with the way that I was analyzing the experience. It was simply the rawness and purity of the sensation. It was that “aha!” moment that inspired me to want to share Unconditional Love in this way, as a physical sensation, with others.


When I first made the connection and equated Unconditional Love with a physical sensation, it made perfect sense to me because I greatly enjoyed sports and martial arts growing up. I could relate to having a physical sensation and focus to work with because of the years I spent training my body. This made it much easier for me to work toward accepting my experiences.


Working with Unconditional Love physically through any particular moment, even when I feel fear, has shown me how to accept the moment and turn the physical sensation of it into love, making it possible to see that moment as Unconditional Love. This keeps me aligned with my spirit’s journey. As long as I physically accept experiences, staying in line with this Unconditional Love, my spirit, or Unconditional Self, continually reveals what is next on my journey.


This book is designed to help readers along their spiritual journey. Through description, stories and practical integrative exercises, my goal is to inspire people to access and recognize within themselves the physical sensation of “Unconditional Love,” and utilize it to its fullest power so they can live a life of more excitement, inspiration, passion, freedom and joy.


“I found "I AM LOVE" by Eric Bonnici to be an important manual for coping with life by using the natural abilities we came into this world with. Not only is “I AM LOVE” an important guide for the individual, but it is also a must have "Parental Guide" for parents of newborn babies to use in helping their child adapt to this material world. The Author explains in detail the various natural exercises he taught his children from birth throughout their formative years... I wish my parents had supplied me with these powerful tools early in my life!"​

Tom Langley

San Marcos, Texas

“Eric Bonnici's ebook, I AM LOVE, teaches us that not only is unconditional love possible, but that it is the only real possibility.  He gives us real life examples and concrete steps that we can take to make all our relationships from birth to death ones in which we feel the emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical presence of the powerful experience known as unconditional love.  A highly recommended reading.”

Cindy Sansone-Braff

Author of Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from the Relationship from Hell to One that's Heaven Sent by Scaling The Ladder of Love.

"I AM LOVE provides a peaceful journey- both in reading it and in performing the practical exercises.  If you are looking for more serenity and Love in your life, I recommend reading this book."​

Elizabeth R. Lombardo

Ph.D., M.S., P.T

Psychologist & Physical Therapist

"I AM LOVE is an empowering journey into one's inner self.  The exercises show you how to reconnect with your internal strength and love that often get clouded by life's everyday tasks."​

Nicole Witt

Executive Director

The Adoption Consultancy



  • Discover a greater acceptance and understanding of yourself

  • Experience a sense of ease in life's most difficult experiences

  • Have a significantly better understanding of what is happening in our world

  • Become a mirror of Unconditional Love, to support yourself and those around you

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.