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"...an experience of awe and wonder at how this mysterious spirit

of unconditional love works to overcome all obstacles..."

John Argeropoulos (Emeritus Professor, consultant, and workshop presenter) - www.TheTreeOfSelfRealization.com

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Sandra Alexcae Moren (Author, educator and Spa Consultant) - www.kyron.ca

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"The daily practice of unconditional love becomes a way of life where

we transform anxiety and fear into passion, wonder, inspiration and excitement."

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"Eric Bonnici has given us a taste of the fruit of Unconditional Love! "

Tony Moreno, Founder of Huellas.com

"Unconditional Love-the book is a gift from Eric to the world."

Mariam Vahdaninia, Iranian Research Fellow who currently works at the Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research

"...an excellent reference for understanding the adult Unconscious Mind."

Paul Angelo (Consultant, IT Program Manager)

"Eric presents several key ideas that are radically different from anything I encountered previously and that tie everything else together in one cohesive whole! "

Sharon Hickson, P.E. (Professional Engineer, Financial Advisor, and Musician)

With much Aloha

Eric Bonnici