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Minister of Unconditional Love - Jedai Priest


Heaven On Earth Is A Choice

by Eric | April 3, 2020 

Heaven On Earth is a Choice we each can make.  It is a Choice that has always been here.  We have just not been awakened to this fear of fear or have been afraid to accept all of who we are as Unconditional Love to make this other Choice Available.

To My Families of Religious Spiritual and Other Wise Individuals

by Eric | April 2, 2020

I grew up acknowledging many forms of religious, spiritual, and non-spiritual beliefs and look forward to discovering more.  I grew up primarily with Christianity and Buddhism. I will address these two families first and then my other Religious, Spiritual and Wise families and Individuals.  

Humanity’s Opportunity​

by Eric | March 19, 2020

As all of us as a human race are experiencing the same fear it is an opportunity to take a moment and acknowledge fear as a part of being human. We can begin to see that we are connected by both love and fear. As we practice accepting our own fear we reveal Unconditional Love as exactly who we are individually and...

Processing Fear with Unconditional Love

by Eric | March 15, 2020 

5 step process 
1) Acknowledge Fear - To effectively and efficiently process our Fear we need to acknowledge it as a part of being human.

2) Breathe into Core - Breathing past the shallow breath of the fight/flight instinct and into the lower abdomen or Core...

Ego Evolution

by Eric | January 23, 2020 

The ego evolved to protect us from our experience of fear and is the mask we wear every day.  This protection is a fear of fear that has conditioned us over thousands of years.  The first ego that we evolved into was our Spiritual Ego. This was at a point in our conscious evolution where as an individual we recognized ourselves...

Consciously Evolving

by Eric | January 23, 2020 

We consciously evolve when we process our feelings or fears.  It is the fear of our feelings or fears that keep us from understanding and accepting more of who we are as a human being.  As we understand and accept more of who we are as a human being we can consciously evolve.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.