Here's What My Grads Are Saying About My Books & Trainings



WHAT they are saying...

"Eric Bonnici has done a marvelous job of embracing such an intangible concept and clarifying all the mystifying aspects of it."

Sandra Alexcae Moren

Author, educator and Spa Consultant

"The daily practice of unconditional love becomes a way of life where we transform anxiety and fear into passion, wonder, inspiration and excitement."

Sharman O'Shea

Publisher, Holistic Hawaii Publications

"Incredible how much I have learned from you in such a short time. I can tell the people around me are noticing the personal changes I am making from practicing your teachings."

Kathy Elizabeth Miller

"Being able to open up in this manner will lead to increasing periods of spiritual illumination that fosters healing from deep within a place of inner peace..."

John Argeropoulos 

Emeritus Professor, Consultant, and Workshop Presenter

"Eric presents several key ideas that are radically different from anything I encountered previously and that tie everything else together in one cohesive whole!"

Sharon Hickson, P.E.

Professional Engineer, Financial Advisor, and Musician

"Eric is a special light in every room he enters. His heart shines through his eyes and his smile soothes the pain that remains silent, until his love gives it permission to leave."

Teri Hawkins

Author of "Life Retold"

"I AM LOVE provides a peaceful journey - both in reading and in performing the practical exercises. If you are looking for more serenity and love in your life, I recommend reading this book"

Elizabeth R. Lombardo, Ph.D., M.S., P.T

Psychologist & Physical Therapist

"Eric Bonnici has introduced an understanding and acceptance of love in an analytical manner. The introduced practical methods in the book are very useful. Unconditional Love - the book is a gift from Eric to the world."

Mariam Vahdaninia

"I found "I AM LOVE" by Eric Bonnici to be an important manual for coping with life by using the natural abilities we came into this world with. Not only is "I AM LOVE" an important guide for the individual, but it is also a must have "Parental Guide" for parents of newborn babies to use in helping their child adapt to this material world."

Tom Langley

San Marcos, Texas

"This author has applied his technical expertise in physical education to communicate his vision to us in this important writing. The book challenges us to soften our hold on what we know and to accept our fundamental not - knowing, allowing us to consciously
experience and accept our own Primordial Fear."

Paul Angelo

Consultant, IT Program Manager

"Eric Bonnici has given us a taste of the fruit of Unconditional Love! In a profound call of awakening, with wisdom far beyond his years, Eric takes us on a journey of mind, body and soul, empowering us to embrace and experience a concept so distant from our “traditional” education, beliefs and values."

Tony Moreno

Motivational coach, and international Hispanic marketing consultant

"Eric Bonnici's ebook, I AM LOVE, teaches us that not only is unconditional love possible, but that it is the only real possibility. He gives us real life examples and concrete steps that we can take to make all our relationships from birth to death ones in which we feel the emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical presence of the powerful experience known as unconditional love. A highly recommended reading."

Cindi Sansone-Braff 

Author of Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from the Relationship from Hell to One that's Heaven Sent by Scaling The Ladder of Love.

"While reading, it was refreshing to be reminded of how we as a people unconsciously place conditions on others and ourselves. This book shows a realistic View of Unconditional Love in a world of conditions. The great thing about this book is that it not only tells you the spiritual importance of unconditional love, but how it technically alters our body chemistry through the nervous system. We highly recommend this book for people looking to do their part in changing the world vibration."

Conscious Enlightenment Publishing 

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.