To My Families of Religious Spiritual and Other Wise Individuals

by Eric | April 2, 2020 | Articles & Books



I grew up acknowledging many forms of religious, spiritual, and non-spiritual beliefs and look forward to discovering more.  I grew up primarily with Christianity and Buddhism. I will address these two families first and then my other Religious, Spiritual and Wise families and Individuals.  


To My Christian Families,

We have been given the word of who we are. We are in the image of Unconditional Love as Unconditional Love itself.  We have been given an example of what this Unconditional Love looks like when lived on earth.  We know that Jesus Christ did not let his fear of fear stop him from facing his purpose.  He faced the fear of his time with all of who he is as Unconditional Love.  He died on the cross for our sins, our sins that are created by our fear of fear.  If we believe he died for our sins then he died so we would not be afraid of our fear and we will be able to face our fear in his name.  His example of Unconditional Love is embracing both love and fear of who we are as a human being.  Jesus said that the way to Heaven on Earth his through his living example of Unconditional Love.  He gave us a practice to embody this through bread and wine, so that when Christ the example of Unconditional Love returns in each of us, as our own individual expression of Unconditional Love, we reveal Heaven on Earth.


To My Buddhist Families,

Buddha had given us the Heart Sutra that shares a place to live from that is Nirvana or Unconditional Love in the lower abdomen.  He had given us the four Noble truths as a way to understand our experience of suffering.  He asked us to acknowledge this suffering or extra fear in the world because we cannot heal something we do not acknowledge.  He said there was a reason for this suffering through grasping and pushing away. This grasping is from the fear of losing someone or something we love.  The pushing away is our fear of facing a fearful experience.  These both add to a normal level of fear in the world.  The solution to this is the middle way that comes from accepting both love and fear as a part of being human just as we are and just as it is.  We can then live the Eightfold Path from this understanding of what right, correct, or wise way of living and being means to heal the suffering or extra fear in the world.


To My Other Religious, Spiritual, and Wise Families and Individuals,

To my Other Religious and Spiritual Families, Unconditional Love or our experience of love and fear as a human being is in everything.  Look into your own belief and find your examples of Unconditional Love. Use this to encourage your own practice to live as the Unconditional Love in all of us.  To my Wise Families and Individuals who may not have an example of this Unconditional Love, look inside. Claim our birth right of the Unconditional Love that we are, just as we are.  Embrace love and fear as a part of being human and together we will reveal the Heaven on Earth that is right here right now!


This is Our Time! Our Time to come together beyond our separate beliefs or ways of describing how we accept life.  It is Time to embrace the similarities of who we are as a human being.  It is Time to embrace both the love and fear of who we are as human so we may release the Unconditional Love that connects us all and reveal this Heaven on Earth together!

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Eric Bonnici

Eric Bonnici is the father of two daughters, a public speaker, workshop leader, entrepreneur, Applied Meditation Counselor/Trainer, certified Qi Gong Trainer/Healer, and a Black belt in Judo. He is the originator and consultant for Open Heart Marketing®️ and is the founder of Living Unconditionally®️ a non-profit educational organization.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by Eric Bonnici. All Rights Reserved.